Hi, it's me, Sierra Estes! I began working with clay in 2013 in West Tennessee. My lifelong affinity for the earth drew me into clay, where I found a sense of familiarity and intimacy working with my hands. I moved to Houston in 2016 with my husband and started working alongside Ellen Cline, designing and making unique pieces for families and restaurants alike under the name Estes+Cline. In 2017, I started my own business to focus on a collection of work that centers around rituals of beauty and communion in the home. Estes Ceramics is my means of connecting myself and others to the earth through material, design, and functionality.


I believe that there is intrinsic beauty and value in the hand crafted object and that it has the ability to transform our everyday rituals into moments of pause, reflection, and connection. I believe that the work behind handmade goods should be valued, but not in a way that they do not have a place in the ordinary parts of our lives. I believe that quality objects and experiences should be accessible by all.


Estes Ceramics  |  Houston, TX  |  estes.ceramics@gmail.com